21. June 2024

Spain – Conference of Salesian Schools of Graphic Arts

The Salesians of Pamplona hosted the second technical conference for graphic arts teachers on 11 and 12 June 2024, with…
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19. June 2024

Introduction to Organic Electronics

Dr. Hans Kleemann’s workshop on organic electronics provides a comprehensive overview of this cutting-edge field within printed, flexible, and organic…
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Project Abstract

Printed, flexible, and organic electronics (PFOE) is a rapidly evolving field that combines various disciplines and enables the production of lightweight, flexible, and cost-effective electronic devices. As the field advances, there is a growing need for specialized skills and expertise at different educational levels, requiring both upskilling of workers and training of new talent. The INFINITE project addresses this need by establishing a Cooperation Network of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the PFOE sector.

By enhancing VETs and facilitating cooperation between education, research, and industry, the project will address changing skill requirements, ensure quality employment opportunities, and contribute to an innovative, inclusive, and sustainable economy.

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